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For communications officers, marketeers and designers

No more endless<br>requests for files

No more endless
requests for files

Tired of answering endless logo requests? Your colleagues and suppliers can now find the files they need themselves. Just provide them with the FlowStyleGuide link.



The FlowStyleGuide is centrally managed, so you won’t accidentally be using and distributing old logos or colour codes anymore.

Access from<br>anywhere

Access from

You can access the FlowStyleGuide from anywhere, simply by using your browser.

Create an online identity manual

Simple and
easy to use

Like a good visual identity, a manual should be clean and simple. Consisting of only a few building blocks, a short background story, and good design examples, the FlowStyleGuide should get any design professional started with your visual identity in no time at all.


Want to learn more about the FlowStyleGuide? Please contact us.

What I like

‘No more endless requests for files. The styleguide really saves me a lot of time!’

Designed with your designers in mind

A lookbook,
not a lawbook

As a design agency, we have a lot of experience with using design manuals. We believe that your visual identity should be inspiring to work with. When design rules become too complicated to follow, creativity becomes frustrated. Just a few dos and don’ts will do the job. But the FlowStyleGuide is not only for design professionals. For your internal organisation, the styleguide will be a steady-growing showcase of available communication materials.


Want to learn more about the FlowStyleGuide? Please contact us.

Create your own image bank

Access to all
your image files

Still waiting for an answer to that picture request from your overseas branch? Add image bank functionality and ensure immediate access to all your corporate images, downloadable from any location in the world.


Want to learn more about the FlowStyleGuide or the image bank? Please contact us.

Simple access management

Levels of access
= levels of easy

A designer could be looking for professional design files, while a communications officer might only need a simple Powerpoint presentation. Giving out different levels of access will ensure that your style guide provides the complexity that fits the user.


Want to learn more about the FlowStyleGuide? Please contact us.

Different starting points

How does it work?

The FlowStyleGuide is a tool that needs to be set up by Flow. We are a design agency with extensive knowledge of corporate identities. We can create a styleguide for an existing visual identity, and publish it as a design manual. If you don’t have a visual identity, we could create it for you, and set up the styleguide as part of the implementation process. You can even use the FlowStyleGuide as a writing guide for editorial purposes. Or only use the image bank functionality. The possibilities are endless.


Want to learn more about the FlowStyleGuide? Please contact us. If you want to learn more about our design company, please visit the Flow website.

Happy Users

  • KWR Watercycle Research Institute
  • ROC van Amsterdam
  • Nutricia Research
  • Watershare
  • Bespeak

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